New music video in the making!

The time has finally come to start shooting our second music video. The song is called ”Towards the light” and it’s from our upcoming debut album.

The video is filmed and produced by Mature Sports Video, who also did our previous video ”Burned Away”. As we were very pleased by the outcome, the choise for the second video’s production team was pretty obvious.

When we started planning this video, we wanted to do something different and special, and Jukka came up with the idea of using the wind tunnel at the Sirius Sport Resort in Pyhtää as no band has used this kind of material on their music video before. Sirius liked the idea too, and so the things started rolling forward. They even ”lended” us one of their best flyers Joel O’Donoghue, who did an amazing job!

All the flying parts are done, but there’s still some studio footage to be filmed.
Video will be realeased at the same time with the album, so the exact date will be announced later. Stay tuned for more news about the video and our album!